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Prevention In Your Community

Report Dead Birds

Dead birds may be a sign that West Nile virus is circulating between birds and the mosquitoes in an area. Over 130 species of birds are known to have been infected with West Nile virus, though not all infected birds will die. It's important to remember that birds die from many other causes besides West Nile virus.

Report a dead bird.

Report Neglected Pools or Other Sources of Standing Water

One neglected swimming pool can result in millions of mosquitoes which could potentially spread West Nile Virus, putting you, your family and your neighbors at risk.

  • What is a neglected pool?

    A neglected pool has abundant organic matter or bacterial growth, often with leaves or other debris, resulting in green to blackish-colored water. These pools are not properly maintained with filtration and chemicals and are generally neglected by the property owner.

To report a neglected pool or sources of standing water where mosquitoes breed.

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